Ice and Water Shield

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Sample blog post. As a general rule, the more complex a roof is, the more expensive it will be to build. A building with a complex shape will already have a complex roof, especially if dormers are included. Your basic triangular roof is a gable, pitched or peaked roof. How this roof should be built depends a lot on the weather. Charlotte, NC gets between four and five inches of snow a year, usually not all at once and with melting periods between, so the roof doesn’t need to be too steep. A gable roof is at risk when a hurricane hits, but then, what roof isn’t?

Gambrel and mansard roofs both have two slopes on them — a shallow slope on the upper part of the roof and a much steeper slope on the lower part. A gambrel roof has these slopes on two sides, while a mansard roof has them on all four and may sometimes have a curve on the lower part. This lower part can’t be walked on, which adds to the challenges of roof repair. A mansard roof is more expensive to build than a simpler gambrel roof, but both give you a lot more vertical space in your attic. Look for a residential roofing contractor with experience in repairing your type of roof.